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It is comImprove your Drive!mon knowledge that Pilates crunches your core, improves posture and increases flexibility but what else can this wonder workout do? As well as toning up your torso, it can also improve sporting techniques; golf benefiting the most along with other rotational sports.

Leading Pilates and GYROTONIC® studio in Hong Kong, Iso Fit advocates the GYROTONIC® and Pilates training to golfers as these exercise types enhance the flexibility, balance, coordination and strength required for the perfect golf swing.

The aim of Pilates is to condition the entire body through proper alignment, centering, concentration, control, precision, breathing, and flowing movement. The GYROTONIC® method uses similar principles. Using movements of dance, gymnastics, martial arts and swimming, this exercise system, developed and perfected by Juliu Horvath over the past 30 years, mainly involves large circular movements under various forms of resistance through amazingly innovative apparatus to exercise the muscles and strengthen the body. 

Focusing on the GYROTONIC® system, Dave Rasmussen, a PGA Tour Instructor with 30 years golf teaching experience, has personally designed, in co-ordination with Juliu Horvath, the "GYROTONIC® APPLICATIONS for GOLF" workshop.

Director of Iso Fit, Dawnna Wayburne - one of only a handful of GYROTONIC® Master Trainers Worldwide - has worked with Dave and incorporated these principles into sessions at Iso Fit for those intent on improving their golf game.


The ideal golf swing, says Dave, requires agility, speed, strength, coordination and the ability to mentally focus. For years, the golfer has tried to break out each of these attributes of the great golfer, work on them individually and try to put them back together again. GYROTONIC® and Pilates training allows an individual to increase his/her flexibility, strength, coordination and the ability to mentally focus, all in one training session. This all encompassing method maximizes the player's efficiency and control of the swing.

The workout uses apparatus specifically designed to increase spinal range of motion, distributing forces of rotation evenly throughout the Spine. This does two important things for the golfer. One, it decreases the excessive force often centralized in the low back, often the cause of debilitating back pain. Two, it increases a golfer's ability to access movement that exists, but due to bad habits is not accessible. The new motion provides the golfer with increased range, speed, and agility, all essential for that competitive edge or just an enjoyable round of golf.

There is nothing quite like an energizing workout with a trained expert who guides you through a series of controlled movements on specifically designed equipment; that engages both your mind and body, and is related to your golf game. You will leave energized with a new understanding and awareness of your body.