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Prices-Packages-Group Schedule-Terms and Conditions

  • Clients may buy a single session, or a package of 10, 20, or 30 sessions of any of the session types on offer at Iso Fit.
  • Single sessions are drop-in only whereas clients may book sessions in advance if they have purchased a 10, 20, or 30 package.
  • Only clients who have purchased a Private session package are guaranteed the instructor of their choice.
  • Duet clients and in some instances Regular clients will be required to pay a premium on top of the session fee if they end up with a private session.
  • The packages are offered at a discount and must be used within the stipulated validity period.
  •  Please contact us for further explanation and/or to book an Assessment session.

Terms and Conditions for Studio and Group Session-Prices and Discounts: (Included in the Enrolment/Registration form)

Terms 1-3 apply unless otherwise stipulated at the discretion of Iso Fit.

1)      No refund or make-up sessions will be due to client for sessions purchased in package but not taken in the designated period-weeks valid- for that package. 

2)      Unused sessions of a package are not exchangeable for other session types.

3)      Sessions are not transferable to other clients under any circumstances whatsoever.

Additional Discounts (4-6)

4)      In each section (Studio/Group), additional discounts of 4% and 8% off all prices in the same section after attending 50 and 100 sessions  in the same section, respectively. Not applicable to Advanced Member Circuit packages.

5)      An additional 5% discount off second package price if second package is of a different type, purchased at the same time and is of lower total value. Both packages must be completed in the stipulated validity period. 

6)     Introduce a friend-Clients who introduce a friend who subsequently purchases a package will be entitled to a special referral discount applied when purchasing a subsequent package according to the terms of the current Iso Fit referral discount policy.

2 friends joining at the same time may receive a 5% discount each off the price of their first package only.  

7)      Maximum discount [total of 4),5),6)] off any package price is 12%.

8)      All fees are payable in advance.

9)   Clients may book sessions once they have paid their package fees. Except for Assessment and Group Introductory sessions, single drop-in sessions may not be booked in advance.

10)   Client is required to give 24 hours notice of change or cancellation of booked sessions otherwise the client will be charged for the missed session.

11)   Iso Fit reserves the right to amend any of the terms and package prices as above w/o notice. If a Group session(s) booked in advance by a client is (are) permanently cancelled by Iso Fit, the client may choose a refund of the unused portion of package fee paid equivalent to the value of the cancelled session(s) or may reschedule bookings in accordance with amended Iso Fit schedule.

12)   All other Iso Fit terms and conditions as per registration form, apply.

13) Under each purchased package clients may only cancel their sessions no more than three times. At this point, they have the ability to reshcedule depending on instructor times available and within their package expiration dates.