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Client Benefits and Discounts

Making Exercise at Isofit an Easy Choice!

Our Gift to You!There are many reasons that people love working out at Isofit.......our great discounts and promotions are just 2 more! We are making it easy for you to work out.

Red Carpet Discounts
- The INTRO discount Package

New to Pilates or Gyrotonic Exercise? For a limited time, and to celebrate our opening, we have a WELCOME PRIVATE ASSESSMENT session. This session is an hour of professional consultation designed to get you started in one of our programs at Isofit. AND... If you sign up for a package of at least 10 sessions within 1 week of your ASSESSMENT, you enjoy a special FIRST PACKAGE discount of obtaining 5% off!

Activity Discount
- Exercise More, Benefit More...Pay Less!

We all know Joseph Pilates said "In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a different body". Well, we want to help you feel the difference - With the Isofit Activity Discount. The BIGGER the package you buy the LESS you pay per session! Our encouragement to our clients to exercise more frequently ;-)

Loyalty Discount
Looking good!- "Making Health a Habit!"

Keep exercising at ISOFIT and enjoy our Loyalty discount. Regular Exercise is what we should aim to do over the long stretch. At ISOFIT we offer a financial incentive to do just that by providing our clients with our special Loyalty Discount (in ADDITION to other discounts) after they have attended more than 50 sessions at ISOFIT and an even larger discount after completing 100 sessions!!

Referral Reward Scheme
- Thank You!

One of the greatest compliments that we can receive is when a client refers the benefits of ISOFIT exercise to other people whether it be friends or family. In appreciation, ISOFIT offers the referring client a REFERRAL DISCOUNT (the amount of which depends on the value of the new client's initial 10 sessions) off the price of his or her next package-this in addition to other discounts that may apply!


Experience the benefit of our Promotion plus Scheme which we offer at certain periods*, which enables clients to earn Promotion Points just by attending sessions during the promotion period. These Promotion Points can be spent (in place of Renminbi) within a designated period after accumulation to pay for any services/sessions provided by Iso Fit Beijing.
* During certain times of the year only

TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY TO ALL DISCOUNTS - Please ask at the front desk or contact us for more information.