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Jenn graduated from York University with a Degree in Anthropology and Kinesiology, and is now finishing her postgraduate studies in Chinese Medicine. Jenn has experience teaching on all Pilates Apparatus and has been trained and certified through many different schools, including Body Arts and Science International (BASI), PEAK Pilates, STOTT, and Boulder, always taking the best of everything and integrating it into her own 'special' style.

Jenn says that Pilates has given her the endurance to run marathon distances, snowboard the deepest Japanese powder, ride the waves of Australia, practice Yoga, and generally do what needs to be done on a daily basis.

Jenn's classes are invigorating, yet focused. Comprised of foundational moves mixed with practical moves. Jenn believes that athleticism, together with flexibility, challenges you when you need it, and whether you like it or not-YOUR BODY WILL LOVE IT! This ends with you having a longer leaner stronger body.  Jenn's classes focus on certain smaller muscle groups which help us maintain the strength of the larger muscle groups, which keeps us going all day long.