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Pilates for Kids and Pre/Post Natal Pilates

Children Pilates

Saturdays and Sundays 周六, 周日

1:30-2:30pm; 3-4pm

Whether your child is a high school athlete training for swimming, track and field, rugby, basketball, soccer or other sports, or just wants to get stronger and naturally fit, Pilates is an exercise that all kids can benefit from. Enjoy special rates until Chinese New Year. Only 100 CNY per one hour group session. 8-18 years old.




Pre/Post Natal Pilates

Saturdays 周六 4:30-5:30pm

Join our renowned Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates classes every Saturday before you give birth and after you have your baby to get your body back in pre-pregnancy shape. The benefits of proper Pilates exercises during and after pregnancy are well known and include prenatal conditioning and rehabilitation of the pelvic floor muscles, improved posture, reduced pain, weigh loss and general fitness.

无论您是美丽的孕妈妈,或是已经迎来小天使的新妈妈,都欢迎你们来到ISOFIT 大家庭,参与我们全新的产前产后普拉提课程,通过系统的普拉提练习,可以帮助您顺利的渡过产前的美好时光,或是在产后迅速恢复迷人的身材。