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Fundamentals and Benefits of Pilates

Utilizing his phenomenal intuitive sense of the correct physiological use of the body, Joseph Pilates developed over 500 effective and specific exercises to be performed on his uniquely designed variable resistance spring controlled apparata-the reformer, the trapeze table, the wonder chair and barrels as well as a full Mat exercise repertoire.

ThiPilates Reformer Workouts exercise system strengthens the "powerhouse"- abdomen, back and buttocks so stabilizing the body and enabling it to move freely. It dramatically and rapidly improves strength, flexibility, posture and overall alignment of the musculature and skeleton without increasing bulk. It is an indispensable tool for athletes and unconditioned people alike enabling them to develop coordination, aesthetic form, strength and balanced posture.

Pilates is not just exercise. The very specific movements and breathing patterns require focused attention engaging both body and mind. Book a private class or group class with us online here.

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