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Before starting an Iso Fit programme every client is required to undergo an Assessment / Initial consultation.

Studio (Private and Semi-Private) sessions offers the closest possible supervision for clients and they are conducted on the full range of Pilates and Gyrotonic® equipment, Yoga and Mat. Consequently a huge range of exercises are available for the instructor to choose from in order to suit the needs of the clients being trained.

Session are booked (on line or by phone) at times suitable to the client-subject to the availability of instructors.

Private sessions

Private Sessions guarantee one on one supervision with an instructor of choice and are constructed to meet the personal needs of the client.

Regular (or Semi-Private) Sessions

Regular sessions accommodate a maximum of 2 clients per instructor and the instructor will adapt each exercise to the individual needs of the clients being trained.

Clients are allotted their instructor of choice whenever possible. Clients are not required to find a partner for their session, but may be moved to another instructor (in the same time slot) to be paired, if necessary.

Duet Sessions

Duet sessions (discounted semi-private sessions) are available for those clients who want to and are able to arrange training sessions with a partner. These sessions offer great value as they provide semi-private studio training at an extremely reasonable price for a single session per person. It is possible to book a DUET session on your own, and in some instances Iso Fit can help locate a partner, BUT it is the client's ultimate responsibility to find a partner and you will be required to pay the full private session fee in the event (for any reason) that you end up having a session by yourself. 

Client progress is constantly monitored and clients are encouraged to take Evaluation sessions regularly. To ensure steady progress, clients are also encouraged to attend consistently and if possible at least twice a week. (Fees)