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Group Session Programmes

Group Session Workout

Before starting an Iso Fit programme every client is required to undergo an Assessment / Initial consultation in which the fundementals of Pilates Mat and Reformer are also covered.

Group Sessions at Iso Fit add an exciting dimension to training offering a diverse range of clientele, a structured yet varied workout on the Mat and Pilates Reformer for an extremely competitive fee. Clients can also challenge themselves by trying our unique Gyrotonic Group Class. Sessions are offered according to the Iso Fit group schedule and may be booked by phone or our on-line internet booking system.

Although the session routine is pre planned, each instructor contributes his/her individual flavour to the content so adding a degree of spontaneity and diversification to each session. As the number of participants in Iso Fit group sessions is relatively small, the instructor is able to adequately cover the session's work while at the same time affording each participant a significant degree of attention. As clients become more experienced they will be progressively challenged by the instructor to ensure continued progress. Clients are encouraged to take group Evaluation sessions regularly.Reformer Training

Each client, athlete and beginner alike benefits from the session in her or his own way and is challenged accordingly.

According to professional studies carried out in the US, Group Sessions have been shown to produce significant benefits to clients who participate in them on a regular and consistent basis.

Clients are encouraged to attend consistently and if possible at least twice a week. This will ensure steady progress.  

Group sessions are not suitable for clients who have need of close supervision while exercising.

Name Max Participants Description
Pilates 15 Read More
Allegro Pilates Reformer 8 Read More
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Please see Schedule of Group Sessions and Session prices for our provisional schedule and price structure.