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Lili Schloss

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Lili is the founder of Isofit Beijing. Lili has been involved in Pilates in both China and Hong Kong since 1998. She has a significant amount of teaching experience working at multiple locations throughout Beijing. Lili has the ability and experience required to teach both group classes and private sessions while attending to the needs of each of her clients. Lili is fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese.

Coming from a gymnastics background, Lili trained for many years as a Pilates instructor in Hong Kong under master trainer Dawnna Wayburne, the Education Director of Polestar Pilates Asia and the founder of Hong Kong's Iso Fit. 

At the forefront of popularizing Pilates throughout China, Lili desires to share the knowledge that she has acquired with those who want to increase their flexibility and core-strength. Lili believes if you honor the spiritual and scientific basis of the Pilates techniques and give over all your concentration and incorporate the fluidity of movement, you will possess all the keys to bringing "Quality" to the Pilates method and experience the profound benefits Pilates offers.